Career Highlights

Our criminal investigative background ranges from counterintelligence to crimes against persons and property to courtroom testimony and evidence presentation.

Over 30 years of investigative experience

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Department of Defense (DoD) Deputy Director for Counterintelligence Functional Services with responsibility for policy development and oversight for the DoD Polygraph/Credibility Assessment, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

Captured and data based counterintelligence and terrorist threat information for planning decisions, analyzing resource data, and identifying knowledge gaps in the Air National Guard dealing with counterintelligence threats to personnel and technology.

Led DoD's "top rated" terrorism analysis unit delivering counterintelligence threat information throughout DoD through the use of electronic message delivery and internet based portals.

Unique supervisory experience in criminal investigative (crimes against persons & property) narcotics operations, undercover operations, VIP protection, surveillance and counter surveillance, foreign counterintelligence field operations, local threat and vulnerability assessments, training, and interface with local, state, federal, and tribal U. S. and foreign law enforcement, security, and intelligence organizations.

Supervised criminal investigative units across the U.S and counterintelligence operations in Southwest and Central Asia.

Spearheaded integration of the merging of sensitive law enforcement and terrorist threat information into the National Guard Bureau Homeland Security Office — never done before.

Air Force Office or Special Investigations winner — Department of Defense Antiterrorism Recognition Program, Most Outstanding Antiterrorism Innovation Unit, 1999 and 1996.

Experienced in depositions, courtroom testimony and evidence presentation.

Experienced in federal, state and local judicial processes.

Conducted Special Investigations for the Air Force Office of the Inspector General.

First to deliver critical counterintelligence, terrorism, foreign intelligence, and criminal threat information to over 106,000 members of the Air National Guard.